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Its Time To Learn How To Transform Your Life And Achieve Your Goals With Babs Paz

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Welcome to my little Internet corner!

I am Babs Paz.

How can one ever describe a wonderful journey of more than 5 decades of adventures, experiences, learning lessons in a few words on a webpage? I can talk about a few things, though. I am a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a mother of two wonderful human beings, a step mother and a mother-in-law.


I am also a Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer. Among others, I have a Virtual Coach Certification with Eben Pagan Training, using the Next Level Coach Methodology and Cutting Edge Online Business Training. I'm passionate about connecting with kind hearted souls and helping the ones who are ready to take action.


My calling is to use my gifts for the purpose of facilitating healing and transformation in living souls. I'm an eternal wisdom seeker, a lifelong learner. I love to be a shining light whenever possible and share knowledge.

Hi, there, Gorgeous Soul!

What Is A Coach

I help people transform their lives. I am a catalyst for my Coachees growth, their transformation, their success, to the goals that they want, and bridge them through transition.

I coach people on how to have an online presence with a YouTube Channel, how to write and publish a book. 

I also host the other person’s consciousness. I host their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. I help see clarity in a situation and envision a pathway onwards to future goals.

A Coach uses proven techniques, but the Coachee remains responsible and accountable for their own outcome. Coaching is an endeavour of lifelong learning and service. We honestly aim to change people’s lives.

My goal is to help others reach a level of physical and emotional stability through mind, body, spirit awareness with internal shifts and a holistic approach. They may stand in the middle of the metaphorical hurricane and not lose their balance.

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Success Stories
Marina Schmidt
Student Exchange Consultant
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Babs is one of the most supportive, resilient, positive and generous people I've had the pleasure of meeting in my life! She is unique in energy, spirituality and wisdom. She always has a word of love and encouragement to give. I've lost count of how many times I called her desperate, without ground and without direction, and she, with the calmest and sweetest voice in the world, with relaxation exercises, guided thoughts and understanding, helped me. It's inexplicable how re-energized and positive I end our coaching sessions. She always makes me see the situation differently, as if I were a spectator, giving me more clarity and insight to understand the phase I'm going through.

On top of all that, she conveys so much love and understanding that it warms my heart! She is a mirror of my greatness! I highly recommend her coaching support to anyone who needs clarity. I just have the deepest gratitude for all the affection, love and attention with which she takes care of me and guides me through life.

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Are you considering finding a life coach?

I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch and I can help you from the comfort of your home and mine

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