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About Me

I am Babs Paz.

How can one ever describe a wonderful journey of more than 5 decades of adventures, experiences, learning lessons in a few words on a webpage? I can talk about a few things, though. I am a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a mother of two wonderful human beings, a step mother and a mother-in-law.


I am also a Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer. Among others, I have a Virtual Coach Certification with Eben Pagan Training, using the Next Level Coach Methodology and Cutting Edge Online Business Training. I'm passionate about connecting with kind hearted souls and helping the ones who are ready to take action.


My calling is to use my gifts for the purpose of facilitating healing and transformation in living souls. I'm an eternal wisdom seeker, a lifelong learner. I love to be a shining light whenever possible and share knowledge.

My gifts

I’ve been intuitive and offering insights since childhood. I was born with the gift of knowing things without the need of a logical explanation, although I am also a dialectical thinker. I “just know” information and the knowledge often comes to me spontaneously, and I know in my soul it is 100% accurate. I know whether someone is telling the truth or not. It’s called claircognizance.

I am very intuitive and I am a Spiritual Realm walker. I often have dreams that I unfold from the physical realm and have access to so much more than what the 5 senses can perceive. Having unfolding dreams on the Spiritual Realm has been natural to me since I was a teenager. The best part is to remember it all after I wake up. Some find it spooky and that’s okay to distinguish them away from my tribe.

I also have clairsentience, possibly the most underestimated psychic gift. It’s the ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits, and places around me. I can feel the emotions of others and clearly feel spirits around me. Clairsentience also includes clairalience, the ability of clear-smelling.


Let’s start at the beginning… I was born and grew up in a warm tropical land, sometimes living in lovely rural areas with naked indigenous people, sometimes on the oceanfront, to sleep with the sound of waves crushing. Since I was a kid, I was a stargazer, feeling at home in the Universe and not ashamed to have a strong woowoo side. I used to hang out at the library surrounded by a thousand books. I was also that popular girl everybody wants to be friends with.

Well…maybe that’s too far back. Let’s fast forward a bit. When I was 49, I moved to the lovely countryside of The Netherlands, and when I am not coaching, shooting videos or writing, you can find me walking in nature or sailing on a lake.

Anyways… other major things that interest me. Eating healthy. Meditating. Living ageless in my body, my mind and in my soul.

My beliefs

We are eternal souls in a temporary experience, born to improve as human beings and make the world a better place as co-creators. A Human Being is a Spirit incarnated in a material body. The Spirit is our true essence. The body is just like the clothes we wear. Sometimes we are born white, sometimes black, sometimes yellow, sometimes man, sometimes woman, straight, gay, etc. in oder to have richer experiences and learnings.

My beliefs 1.jpg

In addition to the corporeal world inhabited by incarnate spirits, you and I, there is the spiritual world, inhabited by disembodied spirits who have already made the transition.

Within the Universe, in other planets, there are other inhabited worlds, with beings at different degrees of evolution: some equal, others more or less evolved than earthly Man. Seeds of intelligent beings were spread everywhere in the Cosmos.

Spirits are the intelligent beings of creation. They constitute the world of the Spirits, which pre-exists and outlives everything.

Spirits are created simple and ignorant. They evolve intellectually and morally, passing from a lower order to a higher one, until they attain relative perfection, where they will enjoy unalterable bliss.

Spirits preserve their individuality before, during, and after each incarnation.Spirits reincarnate as many times as is necessary for their spiritual advancement.

Spirits are always progressing. In our multiple physical existences, we may sometimes choose to become stationary but we never regress. The speed of our intellectual and moral progress depends on the efforts we make to attain perfection.

Spirits belong to different orders according to the degree of perfection we have attained: Pure Spirits, who have attained maximum perfection; Good Spirits, whose predominant desire is towards goodness; and Imperfect Spirits, characterized by their ignorance, their tendency towards evil, and by their inferior passions.

The Spirits’ relations with Human Beings incarnated on Earth are constant and have always existed. The Good Spirits attract us towards goodness, sustain us in life’s trials, and help us bear them with courage and resignation. The Imperfect Spirits induce us towards error (obsessions).

Earth is like a school. Each time we are born is like a year going to school. If we don't learn the lesson now, no problem, we repeat again in the next life the same situation until the lesson is learned. Purification, to redress previous mistakes, and to affect human progress. Otherwise, there would be no justice. Human Beings are given free-will to act, but they must answer for the consequences of their actions. Spirits are always progressing. In their multiple physical existences, they may sometimes become stationary but they never regress. For individuals, ideas are modified little by little, and generations are needed to completely erase old habits. Transformation therefore can only be realized with time, gradually, little by little, in many different lives and situations.

My beliefs 2.jpg

The family is the first school. Each one is born in the perfect family to mirror what we should learn in this life. Human Beings are given free-will to act, but they must answer for the consequences of their actions.

Babs and sons 1.jpg

My core values as a human being are

Make each day a Masterpiece, become the best version of myself, help others to achieve their goals, drink deeply from the good books.

Those who proudly declare that they are already the best version of themselves aren’t my tribe. Making deep questions is my jam. So shallow people don’t stick for long.

Since you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with, I surround myself with wise souls, who know what they are doing, live a joyful successful life, have a positive attitude in any situation, live in the present moment (not hostages of the past).

In my way of living, I do believe in attracting the right folks, but at this point of my life, I just walk my talk and allow things to unfold. Some love that, some don’t. Either way is cool with me.

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