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What Is A Coach

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I help people transform their lives. I am a catalyst for my Coachees growth, their transformation, their success. I help people to reach the goals that they want. I help people through transition. I host the other person’s consciousness. I host their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. I help see clarity in a situation and envision a pathway onwards to future goals.

A Coach uses proven techniques, but the Coachee remains responsible and accountable for their own outcome. Coaching is an endeavour of lifelong learning and service. We honestly aim to change people’s lives.

My goal is to help others reach a level of physical and emotional stability through mind, body, spirit awareness with internal shifts and a holistic approach. They may stand in the middle of the metaphorical hurricane and not lose their balance.

What a coach is not?

It is not a mentor, a therapist, a consultant, nor a teacher. Consultants are hired to manage projects or perform activities on behalf of clients and are responsible for the outcome, in a one-way flow. A therapist helps clients to move forward, but with different approaches, as the foundation is based on a medical model, making diagnoses of dysfunctions.


A mentor is a trusted advisor on how to progress and be successful in their area, where they are experienced. It’s an informal and occasional relationship. A teacher, obviously, teaches. They are authority in a subject matter, and help students raise their level of knowledge.

Do You Have These Questions In Mind ?

What does an extraordinary life look like for you on the next level?

What is preventing you from making it happen?

Let’s find out together what needs to shift and make it happen?

Coaching focuses on the future, where you want to go, who you wish to become. Not in looping stories of the past, self-obsessions and traumas. It’s about transformation: destruction of limiting beliefs and reconstruction. It’s not driving looking at the car rear view mirror.

There is no golden pill that makes magic. And the journey to a new future begins with the Coachee, a.k.a., YOU. I only work with open minded, highly motivated people who are ready for change & get serious results. If you feel it's time to take your power in your hands, be responsible for your own happiness - stop wasting your time and design your life - your way, I am here for you.

Are you hungry for more or do you have burning questions? Fill in the intake form so we can book a Clarity Session and let’s talk to see if we are a good match.

My core values as a coach are







Constant Progress


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